Correct color selection

Considering the width of footprint, the carpet constitutes the basis of decoration elements in the living spaces.

Color selection of carpet is a highly personal selection. It is possible to choose the most proper carpet for you to create the atmosphere you want among the carpet designs offering various options for different spaces in almost every size, color and pattern. 

It is especially recommended that you should choose the carpet by taking the color of furniture and curtains in the room into consideration. Moreover, size of room, features such as getting sunlight or not should be considered. 

While a warm atmosphere is created by use of bright colors in the rooms not getting sunlight, green and blue creates soothing effect. While light colors make the room wider, dark colors creates a sincere atmosphere. Dark colors can be chosen for the entrance areas exposed to heavy traffic and so stain and dirt of the carpet can be hidden.

Color selection is essential for creating different effects in the room. These effects are spaciousness, warmth and coldness. Moreover, color of the carpet is related to your desire to emphasize the floor. If you don’t want to feature the floor in the decoration, you can choose neutral and patternless carpet. By this means, you will feature the furniture of your home. If you think that your furniture is not attractive enough and the floor should be featured, your carpet should be light-colored and patterned.

Choice of bright and cold colors 
The effect of colors is obviously great for the atmosphere to be created in the.
Colors such as orange, yellow and red should be chosen to make the room warmer. Blue or green should be chosen to make the room colder.
Furniture of the room is important to choose the color of the carpet. Wooden tones never match with some colors, however, they are colors that they match with. Therefore, compare the colors of carpet with the colors of your furniture.

Choice of light and dark tones
Light tones create refreshing effect. Use of light colors such as beige, cream will show the room wider and more capacies than it is. 

Effect of dark tones is warm and soothing. The feature of reflection of light of light tones makes the room brighter and the feature of dark colors makes the room darker. A big carpet always seems darker at home... Floor is a wide area. A carpet covering a big floor intensifies the color. For this reason, darkness difference between the small and big size of the same carpet will be seen.