Carpet care guide

It is very important and essential to follow the below recommendations for your carpet to protect its beauty and durableness.

1 - In the event of crushing of fluff yarns under the heavy objects, fluff yarns in this area should be brushed and then cleaned with a vacuum cleaner with the feature of beating.

2 - To prevent settlement of dusts on the carpet among fluff yarn and on the base, cleaning should be performed with vacuum cleaner periodically. 

3 - Sweeping should be carried out in the direction of sweeping of fluff yarns and slowly with vacuum cleaner. The carpet should not be exposed to hard impacts such as beating and stirring while cleaning. 

4 - Avoid using excessive water and shampoo while cleaning the carpet.

5 - Never wash the carpet, following cleaning with shampoo, it should be wiped with water and dried immediately.

6 - A material spilt over the carpet and causing stain can be removed by immediate and correct intervention.

7 - Stain should be absorbed at high step of the vacuum cleaner and then should be cleaned with little water and carpet shampoo with the movements in the direction of sweeping and the residual moisture should be removed by buffering with vacuum cleaner or moisture absorber cloth or a similar material (tissue, etc.). 

8 - Stain removal process should be tested on the non-visible part of the carpet with a chemical substance to be used for stain removal.

9 - Fluff yarns in the area cleaned should be combed with a brush vertically.

10 - The carpet should be kept away from stove and similar heating units.

11 - Since direct sunlight may damage the carpet, the carpet should not be left in such environment for a long time.

12 - During transporting, avoid wetting the carpet and damage by hard, sharp and cutting objects.